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Why black dogs?

Black Dogs Are The Coolest

Black dogs seem to have a dark cloud unfairly hanging over them. In the shelter world, a phenomenon exists known as “Black Dog Syndrome,” with the theory being that black dogs are often passed over for their lighter or fairer-colored canine counterparts.

If you are the parent of a black pet of any variety, you know that these dark-colored beauties, dogs included, are just as loving, fun, intelligent, and happy as any other color of pooch. Here are 13 lucky reasons to love black dogs.


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Why Black Dogs?

Always in Style

Black never goes out of style! Owning a black dog is like owning a Tiffany’s watch – it’s priceless and will always be in vogue.


Stunning Coat

You can’t deny that sleek black coat is just plain luxurious. Black dogs can be absolutely stunning, as this photographer proves.

Soulful Face

Those soft dark brown eyes staring at you from an all-black face – it feels as if they are gazing into your soul. And they probably are.

Fur Blends In

The nice thing about black fur, is it blends right into all your business suits (unlike white hair!). So you can hug your dog good bye and still go to the office looking sharp.

Amazing Family Dogs

Some of the best breeds for families come in black. For example, Labrador Retrievers, Pugs, Newfoundlands, Flat Coated Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Great Danes – too name a few. Many black dogs at the shelter have these breeds in them, making them great choices for your family.

Easy to Accessorize

Do you want a dog you can dress up, accessorize, bling out with fancy collars, etc.? Black dogs have the best coat because it goes with anything! Dress her in hot pink one day and deep blue the next. Spot, stripes, plaid or checks – anything goes!

Looks Clean Longer

Ever seen a white-pawed dog go outside when it’s raining? Yeah, they come back a different color. Black dogs, however, hide that dirt, making them look nicer when you don’t have time for a bath. Just be sure you do give them a bath, they aren’t dirt-repellent (don’t we wish!).

Intimidating Looking

If you are looking for a dog that looks scary, without actually being scary, for those long walks in the evening, a big black dog is the way to go. He might be the sweetest scaredy-cat on the planet, but he will look tough, which often is enough to intimidate potential threats.

They Are Smart

Yup, black dogs are just as smart as any other color of dog. It’s true.

They Are Loving

Yup, this is true too. Just because his coat is black, does not mean he loves less. In fact, they may be some of the most loving, having spent longer in the shelter than almost any other type of dog.

Matches Any Décor

It’s okay -we know some of you out there want your dog to “match” your décor. The great thing about a black dog – she goes with everything. So it’s okay if you paint the walls or get a new couch, she’ll still match.

Easy To Name

Agonizing over a name won’t be necessary if you adopt a black dog – you have so many cool names to choose! Licorice, Blacky, Coal, Night, Noir, Onyx, Batman, Blackjack, Ebony, Vadar, Zoroo…to name a few.


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